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Bevin and Stan vs. the Mustache cake, Philly soft pretzels, John’s Water Ice, homemade hotdogs, South Philly food stations, reggae, 80’s, hip-hop, and beer cozies!

September 25, 2010

What a night! Roots and Groove was at Bartram’s Garden in late August, we did the music for ceremony, laid down reggae and ska and funky instrumentals for cocktail, the dance set that went from David Bowie to Run DMC; and New Order and INXS; to Jay-Z the Clash and the Beastie Boys!

Stan and Bevin had a great group of family and friends that were totally laid back and 100% positive about everything!  They had a cake made to look like a giant handlebar mustache and Diverse Catering set up a South Philly Station, a corn on the cob contest (between local corn and corn from Vermont), and homemade hot dogs!


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