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Testimonial: Roth/Booze Wedding 5.22.10 Winterthur

November 14, 2010

“The best aspect of working with Roots and Groove was how down-to-earth they are. My wife Leah and I met in Adam’s house where we discussed our favorite tunes while John cranked out jams that were in line with our tastes. There was a strong sense of positivity coming from the both of them, and we resonated well together. We met again right before the wedding to make sure everything ran smoothly. Adam was extremely organized when it came to the layout of the wedding night. He always requested our input, but wasn’t afraid to tell us what has worked and not worked for him in the past. The wedding night was unforgettable. During the sit-down part of the reception, John and Adam cranked out everything from Jazz, to folk, to organic hip-hop. The flow was seamless and it presented the perfect backdrop for dinner. After the sit-down part of the reception, it was time to party, and John and Adam knew how to bring the party! They were reciprocally grooving off of the energy of the people on the dance floor, while we were getting down and having a great time. There wasn’t a dull moment and people danced right up to the end. I strongly recommend Roots and Groove because of how personable they are, their energy,their respect, and their talent.”


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