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About R&G

Roots & Groove is a DJ service that provides fresh music for a range of occasions in the Philadelphia area, mixing in classic tracks, underground gems, or independent beats to enhance the natural energy of your most important events. Using a client-centered approach to playlist development we are able to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience that fully values the rich spectrum of musical tastes present at your event.

Roots & Groove DJ’s never depend on prerecorded “sets”, we mix live from customized playlists and always make sure to keep a read on the crowd. Our M.C. work has a low-key but professional feel. We don’t use line-dances, props or games to motivate the crowd because we truly believe in the power of good music to keep your guests enjoying your wedding. We want your guests to spend the night “vibing” with the music and of course having a great time dancing.

As wedding professionals we are very comfortable with any untraditional, traditional, alternative, or multicultural elements to your event. Regardless of the unique style of your event, we can help navigate the planning of your evening to create a seamless chain of events that will keep your reception flowing naturally.

To learn more about Roots and Groove please explore our blog using the navigation menu on the top right of this screen or you can visit us at www.rootsandgroove.comFacebook, or you can follow us on twitter.

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