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Music: Handsome Boy Modeling School & Cat Power

January 4, 2011

“I was hypnotized

By your fairy eyes

Like a tiger in the dark

You were hungry from start…”

Recently found this great track, I love the hip hop hooks done Cat Power style.  A brilliant collaboration.

Click here to go direct to the YouTube video:

Or Click below for an embeded video…

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Wedding: November 5th, 2010

November 30, 2010

In early November we DJ’d a wedding in Delaware at The Carriage House at The Rockwood & Park Museum.  It’s an all stone building with contemporary rustic design on the inside that creates a warm balance that is perfect for the diversity of a wedding.   For cocktail hour we set up next to the bar (serving some sort of pumpkin martini) and Qw35t played a soulful mix of r&b, funk, jazz, down tempo electronica, and some indie love.
Into the dining room we go, love was definitely in the air.  The father of the bride, gave the most touching and heart-felt speech that I can remember ever hearing (and I hear a lot of father’s give speeches!).   Dinner music featured tracks ranging from Nina Simone, Nouvelle Vague, Ben Sollee, Leela James, Kate Walsh, and Ruth Brown.
Dinner ended and dancing began, hands down..most enthusiastic dance floor I had all season, I played Motown, oldies, hip hop, pop tracks. They loved songs that they could sing to while they danced, their hands were in the air, and I could drop the fader and let them finish the hooks!  Good times were had by all!
A couple of weeks later I got this note from the Bride….
“I just wanted to thank you guys again so much for your awesome dj’ing (I think I made that word up). You did an amazing job and I’m still getting compliments from people on how good the music was. I was soo soo happy with everything, and I can’t thank you enough. If you ever need me to write a review for you let me know, I would be happy to let others know how great you guys were. Thanks again!!” -Dana

Testimonial: Roth/Booze Wedding 5.22.10 Winterthur

November 14, 2010

“The best aspect of working with Roots and Groove was how down-to-earth they are. My wife Leah and I met in Adam’s house where we discussed our favorite tunes while John cranked out jams that were in line with our tastes. There was a strong sense of positivity coming from the both of them, and we resonated well together. We met again right before the wedding to make sure everything ran smoothly. Adam was extremely organized when it came to the layout of the wedding night. He always requested our input, but wasn’t afraid to tell us what has worked and not worked for him in the past. The wedding night was unforgettable. During the sit-down part of the reception, John and Adam cranked out everything from Jazz, to folk, to organic hip-hop. The flow was seamless and it presented the perfect backdrop for dinner. After the sit-down part of the reception, it was time to party, and John and Adam knew how to bring the party! They were reciprocally grooving off of the energy of the people on the dance floor, while we were getting down and having a great time. There wasn’t a dull moment and people danced right up to the end. I strongly recommend Roots and Groove because of how personable they are, their energy,their respect, and their talent.”

Wedding: The CopleBehrs, November 6th.2010

November 11, 2010

This last weekend we did a wedding at the Lake House Inn up in Perkasie for a wonderfully energetic, witty, and warm couple who goes by the combined last name of the CopleBehrs. (at least for us:).  We ran the mic and music for ceremony, we placed the speakers next to some tall well groomed bushes and filled the lakeside ampitheater with warm pre-ceremony music like Truly, Madly, Deeply from Ray LaMontagne, Two Hearts, A Snake and A Concubine from Hoots and Hellmouth, and instrumentals from Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero.

As for Dinner and Dance, we had a great time DJ’ing for them, the CopleBehrs and their guests have great taste in music and were out dancing during dinner and never really stopped the whole night.  We got to play classics, contemporary, indie alt, americana, hip hop; From Jay-Z to Regina Spektor…from Stee Downes to Nina Simone, Grateful Dead, to Beyonce, Daft Punk, and Suzanne Vega!

The Venue itself is worth a mention, as we are adding it to our “Cool Venues” link.  The Lake House Inn had a breathtaking view that the Iphone camera just couldn’t capture, right on a beautiful lake, fully equipped with red farmhouses on the opposite shore and a distant bridge.  The house itself is gorgeous and the staff were all friendly and committed to making the night special for all the guests. Shout out to Annie Hosfeld (photographer) and Shutter Booth.

Here is what the Bride and Groom had to say: (I posted both the email and the testimonial cause both were so nice.)

“The wedding was incredible, we had so much fun and you guys absolutely nailed it.  Everyone was really excited about the music and how almost invisibly you controlled the mood of the entire night.  We will plug you on our blog, although I don’t know how much sway we have, but if you ever need anything else, let us know.  If people want to speak to us, give them our number/email.  I wrote down a little testimonial for you, feel free to edit it as you see fit.  Thanks again, we’ll send you some pics once we get them.”
“My wife and I are both musical people so we were very particular about our DJ.  Adam and John impressed us with their encyclopedic knowledge, lighthearted and open-minded approach.  We were comfortable with them and trusted them fully to help make the wedding our own.  Everyone loved the music, even the Mothers.”-Andy

Music: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

November 11, 2010

Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is admittedly a song that has gotten a lot of exposure over the last year, it’s popularity reminds me of “No Rain” by Blind Melon, almost a one hit wonder…but if your only gonna get one good hit…make it good and I think they definitely deserve a shout out…it plays great at weddings and parties. Maybe it’s the whistling, or just the love of a story about love set to great music with unique singing and a great chorus “Home is where ever I am with you!”  that everyone can relate to and of course a triumphant horn section always seals the deal. Enjoy!

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Beach Baby – Bon Iver

November 11, 2010

The Group: Bon Iver…or Good Winter

The song: Beach Baby

The vibe: Love…in the face of cold? In the face of time? In the face of burden? Love prevails?

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You Can’t Say No Forever – Lacrosse

November 11, 2010

New discovery…for me at least (DJ Prof). I love the hand puppets appearing in sequence to the drumbeats…the vibe reminds me of Frightened Rabbits or Slow Club.  I like to think that this is for all those people out their pretending that they don’t want or need love in their lives, regardless of their relationship status.  Being in love is the easy part, saying yes and allowing the “love power” to change you is a whole other process.  Or…maybe thats just what I am projecting and maybe this song is about a friend asking another friend to try A peanut butter and bacon cheeseburger and they keep saying no! Click here for a direct link to the video clip.

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